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I do know exactly what these things are and when it's revealed it will... well, I won't spoil it. Still, it'll either seem really cool or really stupid. Or, because it's CVRPG, a bit of both.

2017-09-08 17:37:24 
I never thought of this before, but seeing Angel run is oddly satisfying.
Darth Cariss
2017-09-10 18:27:37 
Now that you bring it up, I forget why he's running and not flying. I get that he took on a regular human form, but was it permanent?
2017-09-10 23:34:33 
He had wings a couple of panels back. He can run when he wants to, or fly. I've never really established which is faster, and on a ship with tight hallways I'm not sure there would be much of a speed difference.
2017-09-12 19:23:12 
Considering his prediliction for teleporting all over the place, there was never much of a chance for establishment until this space opera segment.

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