...And Finally. For Reals.

And with this we come to the end of both DSWC and the Holidays series. Here we get a nice little wrap up for the Holiday characters, showing Purple and Thereshiri going off to get a drink (in a nod to their plotline I wasn't able to do in the limited nature of this series), plus Mrs. Claus has her husband back so she finally gets her happy ending.

One thing I really liked in this series was being able to focus on characters that didn't get as much play back in the main Holidays series. Both Alec Solstice and Mrs. Claus were new additions to the series as it went on, so being able to focus on them was really fun. That's part of the reason why Alec Chanukah wasn't seen in this series -- he'd already had the spotlight plenty of times so we could let him have some time off.

But with that we close out on the Holidays. I really don't have anything more plotted for them so I really think this will be our last hurrah with these fun characters.


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