#2869: Free Floating

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This is the longest running gag in the series, I think, and it didn't even start here. I blame everyone that didn't laugh at this joke the first time I used it over in DSWC -- my continued use of it is your fault.

The thing is, though... I really kind of like this song now. It's grown on me over the years.

2017-02-16 19:32:15 
Y'know, Sprockets was super offended that pirates took out her ship and property, but then pretty much did the same thing. She remotely hijacked them and assimilated the very ship she'd recently been paid to upgrade, and then claimed it as hers. The only things that can potentially be said in her defense was she was in an emergency situation and perhaps Darkmoon's payment didn't go though. VERY hypocritical. Oh, she will fit right in then.
2017-02-19 00:24:11 
Well, if we go by the rules pirates follow, then whoever the crew votes in as captain in the captain. Technically they've never put it to a vote, she's just kind of settled into the role and no one has stopped her.

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