#3000, Part 19: Pause to Refresh

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Sprockets is right. He didn't exactly leave her with any ideas as to how to get down. You know, besides the stairs. Like, seriously guys, they run through the whole ship.

Although come to think of it, did you ever see anyone take the stairs in Star Trek. It's like once people developed starships they lost the ability to climb inclines.

2017-09-14 14:37:08 
Bit more of a long term project, but maybe turn the elevators into walk in rooms that teleport you to any of the other walk in former elevator rooms desired. Unless, of course, that's beyond miss 800 and counting looking 20 something. Or ward the ship. Can chaos mages do long lasting enchantments in this U?
2018-01-24 15:16:30 
I JUST remembered this but.... sometimes Angel FORGETS he has powers. (i.e. the stranded island mishap back in the 'bit-verse'. Plus he HAS been used to flying everywhere. Seriously man, you should jog more.

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