#3317: Pieces of a Soul

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Admittedly, this was kind of a cheap-out comic. I really wanted to push further in the Mirror Castlevania but my brain couldn't come up with a good joke to tell, so I just stared at the screen for a while, sharing memes with my wife on Twitter. Then the idea for this comic struck me, something that didn't involved the main plotline in anyway. Really, that's how my process works -- ignore the story until suddenly an idea comes out of nowhere.

Still, this was a good comic to tell. Evil Darkmoon has taken over Good Darkmoon's body, but that still leaves our Darkmoon's soul still in the body so something had to be going on with it. Thus we get to see inside Darkmoon's head when he communes with a spirit guide (not something pretending to be Bunny).


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