#3919: Heroic Moment

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Strictly speaking I think the worst foe they've ever faced was the Elder God, and they didn't really beat him so much as twist time so they never had to fight him. The Elder God was beaten over in DSWC, although I dunno that letting Richter and his crew take credit for anything this impressive is really something we should encourage. The heroes here have fought other enemies that maybe were up to the power of the Elder God, especially before he's had time to settle in and eat a galaxy or two. The Necromancer from Rift Wars comes to mind. Still, this does seem like the biggest threat they've ever faced, but artistic liberty during a heroic speech must be allowed.

2021-10-14 00:21:59 
Boredom IS the strategy. Keep it up, he's gotta open some kind of orifice to yawn.

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