#3946: Overwhelming Force

This Comic's Storylines:

The Terrans are meant to be overly powerful. They aren't the focus of the story and, as such, can be many magnitudes more powerful than our heroes without throwing off the balance of the comic. It's better for the heroes to be the underdogs in comparison to external threats. Plus, it illustrates a difference between the through processes of the two galactic powers; the Terrans rely on single ships to dominate sectors of space where their one ship has the power of a squadron of Stalker fighters. The Stalkers rely on numbers and the power of the collective versus the Terran logic of "the biggest gun around".

If and when I get around to detailing the Terrans in their own, non-CVRPG series (which I might very well do at some point in the future, but that's a very big if considering how much time I have in general to add more projects onto my plate) there will be an exploration of their past, as well as illustrating a new threat to their sectors of space that could actually override their "overwhelming force". It is impressive to see their gunships at work so for someone to be even more powerful is a scary proposition.

Meanwhile, also had throw in that Star Wars Holiday Special reference. Sorry not sorry.


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