#160: Mid-Life Pac-Crisis
Note: From this point forward the DSWC Classics archive is not "complete". Only items have been upgraded have had their classic comics stored here, but not all comics (a few before, and many going forward) needed to be redone. Basically, you won't be able to read this classic archive straight though, from this point, and get the whole DSWC story.

Does Pacman actually live in a world of mazes? Is he some kind of bacteria, and the mazes are like... cells? Or is it more of a scientific experiment, and the Pacster has to go through the mazes not unlike a rat, trying to get to the end?

Or maybe, maybe the Pacman is actually the minotaur and the ghosts are the virgins the minotaur eats in the myth. Maybe we're actually playing as the villain, and we should really just let the ghosts kill him, as they'd be doing the world a service.

Something to think about next time you find yourself popping a quarter into one of the old arcade machines.

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