#66: Practice Makes Perfect

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Ahh, the way of the minion (let's face it, right now she is a minion, working for a villain). The minion will always talk bad about a villain behind his back. Always. The same can't be said for a sidekick. Sidekicks imply heroes (or, at least, reformed villains/anti-heroes on the path to good). A sidekick will only talk bad behind a hero's back upon great occasion, and only when the hero is really screwing up.

And even then, it's usually proven that the hero was right all along and the sidekick needed to learn a valuable lesson about trust and experience and blah blah.

Something tells me the lesson Katrina will learn soon might be a little harsher (only partially because we're approaching the part of this arc that was briefly touched on way-back-when in the original series).

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