#826: In and Around Itself

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This whole realm is way more complicated than I meant for it to be originally. That said, the rules have remained internally consistent even if the whole realm is really odd. Time doesn't exist here, and we already kind of knew that because Darkmoon and Richter could be here at the same time despite being something like 75 years or so separated in reality. Alec could then show up here despite being dead at the time Darkmoon was here... and also being two years separated. Plainly this place has it's own rules.

Of course, time has to move linearly as well within the realm because otherwise these beings wouldn't be able to have discussions the way they do. Talking is a fairly linear activity.

Shaft is right, though. By the rules of the realm he should be able to visit himself. Something tells me that would be bad (and not just because the Bunny said so).


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