#3020: Minor Trouble

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And now we have Cynthia. She's sporting a modified version of the standard crew uniform -- green instead of blue, with a star above her stripes, and a fancy beret. In point of fact I designed this uniform first for Claypool (who will show up sooner or later), and then gave it to Cynthia. In my head, they both started as military NPCs that were then promoted to full-time cast members. It made sense to give them a uniform like the crew members with just a little flourish, and since they both used the color green as their primary text color, letting them both have a green uniform felt right.

As you will remember, Cynthia was a Stalker, so she knows all to well about being a fugitive from the Terrans. This'll be just another day for her.

Oh yeah, and this part of the ship is the armory.


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