#586: What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

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What we now get into is the first real storyline that didn't have notes from Mab. By this point, between Year One and Game One, I'd used up just about all the ideas Mab and I came up with back when we first planned the comic. From here on out, we're in virgin territory, people.
Heh, virgin.
Although, one note I will make, the off-hand joke with Angel and Bunny... yeah, that was going to be a plotline for the two of them that I eventually ditched. For some reason they would have had bad luck with women and decided a trip to Tijuana was the best way to relieve their blues.
I think the comic is better for not having that happen. Would have been a big distraction, and CVRPG II didn't really have room for it what with everything else going on that we'll soon enough get to.
So the world is going to end? yeah, that happens once a week...

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