Volume 2, Issue 9: Edge of the Solar System

This Comic's Storylines:

As you might note, a few things are different about this comic cover from the previous ones I've created during this series. For starters, Edge of the Solar System is written in a different font from before. I lost that font, apparently, when I switched computers. The previous one must have come in an older version of the Adobe suite, and for whatever reason it didn't come with the current one I'm using, so now it's gone. Ah well.

Additionally, we're not highlighting a character now. As with the last issue, we're going to see little glimpses of what's coming up and what the emphasis will be. So, for half our crew, the Stalker Base (that asteroid) is their main drive. Of course, them being who they are, how much they actually get done during this issue is another matter altogether.

I guess this counts has having Gertie on the cover, although that's a bit of a stretch.


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