#1: Who's on First

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When I did the 50 in 24 series, CVRPG Meets the TMNT (available in the Bonus Archives section), I also put it out there that if I finished up early and I'd be willing to stay up and do random comics so long as the fans could come up with ideas. This series of comics is part of that.
We start first with a "Who's On First" riff, which is interesting as I'd apparently already done one (found in the Supplementals) and had completely forgotten about it. Ooops.
It is a good riff though. Darkmoon could have kept going "Who's on First" and Angel could have kept going "Waat" until Darkmoon, exasperated, moved on to "Who's On Second..." and then we're pretty much plagarizing the original bit at that point.

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