Holidays #27: Reunited

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There's your explanation, much as you're going to get one. Handwave-Egyptian-whatever. Moving on...

And we're gonna have to move fast as, apparently, we're not stopping this whole Apocalypse thing.

2018-12-27 00:24:55 
I have to admit, I'm glad that it seems Santa Alec is truly back. On one hand, I like dark endings, and killing Santa Alec was perhaps the saddest death of a supporting character, especially when it was revealed he was fighting until the end. On the other hand, I want Mr. and Mrs. Claus to be happy, and while Amelia could run Christmas on her own, I'm also a sucker for happy-ish endings. For her to live with the act of killing her husband wasn't the most jolly fate, and the spirit of Christmas is that of merriment.

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