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Cynthia Redmond



People can take many paths to heroism. Heroes don't always inherit the adventuring life (and a legendary sword) from their father (or mother). It's not often that a quest just falls into someone's lap and they know, in their hearts, what their destiny will be. Sometimes fate takes a round-about path.

Take Cynthia Redmond. Growing up on a mining colony out past Antares, she was the third of five children. A middle child much like any other middle child in any family, not that much was expected of the girl. Grown up, take up mining, maybe marry, and then continue the family line.

But then the mines when dry, the ores they were supposed to collect seemingly tapped out. The Terran Government didn't care about the colony if the ores weren't being mined, and without Terran backing, the colony had little in the way of resources to survive. People died, and those that could scrape by had to do more and more illegal acts just to live.

Into that horrible circumstance came a savior: the Stalkers. Known on the affluent colonies as pirates and murderers, the Stalkers offered the able-bodies inhabitants of Cynthia's colony a chance at a new life, albeit one as the outlaw scourges of the universe. Cynthia jumped at the chance as any life was better than the one she was living. It was only after she was in the fleet, doing unspeakable acts she wished she could forget, that Cynthia realized she'd made a bit of a mistake.

Thankfully a band of heroes came along and offered her a second chance at her second chance...

Personality Details

Although she worked for nominally bad people (especially when you compare them to the Terran Government), Cynthia was never truly bad herself. She did her best to avoid committing the worst atrocities, and she never stole so much that the ones she robbed would never be able to get back on their feet. There are different levels of criminal and she always tried to be one of the lesser ones.

Still, she knows she has a lot to make up for. And now that she's a hero she just might have her chance.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #2806: Big Gathering
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2