The (More Than) Complete Cast of CVRPG

Heroes, Villains, Low-lives, and Agents of Leisure


The Dark Sorceress


Dracula draws many to him. His power is immense, and those of evil nature come to him like a moth to a flame. It's nature, of a very dark and evil kind. Thus was Actrise similarly drawn in by Dracula's promise and power.

For her part Actrise was no lovely person before Dracula sucked her in. A dark sorceress by profession, Actrise had a predilection for torturing small children (everyone needs a hobby). As her lust for power, and cravings for death, grew, Actrise eventually sacrificed her own child among 100 others, gaining the attention of Dracula. He brought her to his castle, made her one of his lieutenants, and put the sorceress in charge of ensuring his (eventually needed) resurrection.

Of course, Dracula did eventually die, and Actrise was able to bring him back from the dead, so plainly she proved herself quite useful to the cause.

Personality Details:

Actrise is not a nice person. She's evil, through and through. She kicks pupies, fails to rewind her tapes before returning them to rental stores (Castlevania is about 80 years behind everyone else, so they still have Blockbuster Video stores), and pirates all her favorite music. She's among the worst of the worst.

Of course, like all of Dracula's minions, she, too, was one day defeated by heroes. But, like all his minions, she also came back, undead and stronger than before. So she works, like always to ensure Dracula's resurrection (as well as her own).

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Villains Introduction #5: The Villainesses
Last Appearance: #11: Forward to the Past

Alec Prelude


Raised in a small farming town, Alec was born to humble roots. While his eldest brother took over the family farm, and his next brother joined the military (much like tradition dictated), Alec looked to becoming a priest (again, as tradition dictated). The fact that the town didn't have much of a church (what with the last one being destroyed by the Turks -- the singing, dancing, musical gang, not the band of marauding... marauders) wasn't something that would deter Alec.

No, once he was of age and ready to head out into the world, Alec left to pursue his destiny. Of course, it was never clear to anyone besides Alec what his destiny was... including Destiny herself.

And so it was that Destiny took Alec on a little journey. Well, not literally. Alec ventured out for quite some time, but it's not as though Destiny was his constant companion... you know, not physically. She was there in spirit... if she had a spirit... which as an anthropomorphic personification of an idea, she actually doesn't.

She's actually not even really a she...

I've gotten distracted. As it was, eventually Alec made his way to a monastery, one that trained holy warriors for battle. Most specifically, the Crusades. Alec was to be a Crusader. A Crusader that was to fight the Turks.

And this time the Turks meant the actual Turks, the ones that were less inclined to sing and dance.

Personality Details:

Alec is a gentle, trusting soul. Despite years of traveling the countryside (especially his time with Darkmoon), Alec has never lost that kind, innocent quality that has come to define him.

That said, he is one of the most powerful warriors in the group (second only to Princess). His skills with holy magic are an additional boon in combat.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: CVRPG Preview Poster
Last Appearance: #11: Forward to the Past

Alec Prelude (Mirror)

The Alec of Earth 2


Raised in a small farming town, Alec was born to humble roots. While his eldest brother took over the family farm, and his next brother joined the military (much like tradition dictated), Alec looked to becoming a dark priest, oe who ruled the powers of the gods to his will. The fact that the town didn't have much of a church (let alone an evil one devoted to worshipping the dark gods like Alec needed - the best they had was a clown college which, while evil, lacked the aura of menace Alec desired) wasn't something that would deter Alec.

No, once he was of age and ready to head out into the world, Alec left to pursue his destiny. Of course, it was never clear to anyone besides Alec what his destiny was... including Destiny herself. But for Alec he knew what he would do -- he'd learn all he could and bring forth a Dark God. Because, hey, when youre young and evil, why not?

And so it was that Destiny took Alec on a little journey. Well, not literally. Alec ventured out for quite some time, and Destiny did everything she could to send the young religious nut-job back towards the path she'd chosen for him. She's sent him on a trip with pirates, crash him into an island, even had him meet up with a girl who was perfect for the proper, holy orders. But, no matter where he went or what he did, it always ended him up in the same place: a school for religious youngsters that was anything but what it seemed. It was evil, which was perfect for Alec.

At this point Destiny threw up her hands and went to have a cup of tea and bit of a lie-down.

Once Alec reached the school that turned out trained evil priests for battle, Alec knew he had found his true calling (Destiny, meanwhile, rolled over on her couch and put a pillow over her head). Alec trained all he could in learning to tap into the dark magics, and, when the time was right, he killed their priests in charge and took over the school.

This is what brought out you dictator to the attention of this universe's Darkmoon. And their team-up was formed.

Personality Details:

When it comes to describing Evil Alec, some words do not come to mind: gentle, trusting, courageous, heroic. After years of traveling the countryside (especially working with Evil Darkmoon), Evil Alec managed to hone that dark, ruthless, killer instinct that has come to define him.

Through his years of training Alec has become the most powerful, most bloodthirsty dark priest the world had ever seen -- even more powerful that Shaft (rightful owner of the name "The Dark Priest"). Needless to say, this Alec is a perfect fit for the legions of crazed minions lurking in Count Darkmoon's castle.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #335: The End in Sight?
Last Appearance: #3: CVPRG II

Alec Prelude (Purple)

Hero, Rockstar, Legend


To understand how there can be a second Alec (well, actually, four of them), you have to know about the existence of the Four Sword. A legendary items once wielded by Link, the Four Sword eventually fell into the hands of our friendly neighborhood paladin, Alec. As is well known, Alec and Link share a number of traits in common, not the least of which is that they both link the color green. So when Alec gained the Four Sword, it felt like a natural fit.

Using the Four Sword, Alec was able to split himself into four Alecs: Green, Red, Blue, and Purple. Together, they formed a traveling band and toured the world, scoring record deals and lots of money (and groupies). Despite what you may have heard, they did not go into business as representations of Earth holidays. That's, of course, totally silly.

Sadly, fate was not on the side of the Four Alecs. A freak accident at a show left the Alec down three, with only Purple still alive. Although he toured for a while, he eventually retired from the life of a rock star. Maybe one day he'll find his musical nature again (I hear that awesome band, Righteous Heretics, is looking for a guitarist). But until then...

Personality Details

Like the original Alec, Purple (as he likes to be called) is a heroic sort, good natured and kind. He also has music deep in his bones, always humming a tune or whistling a ditty. It was only natural for him to go into music, to follow his destiny to become a star.

He didn't choose the music. The music chose him. And with it, he had to rock!

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #415: Where Are They Now?
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2

Alexander Belmont


As one of two Belmont children, Alex always knew there was a chance he'd end up facing off against Dracula. Being a Belmont, especially one living in a world that's been under the rule of Dracula for hundreds of years, means that one day the whip will end up in your hands -- you either pick it up to fight vampires or you flee your fate completely.

However, Alex was one of two children. His younger sister, Evie, was always ore skilled with the whip that Alex ever was. Although older, and male, Alex had trouble wielding the energies of the legendary Vampire Killer -- he was always more skilled crafting than fighting. So when his father announced that Evie would be the one to inherit the whip, Alex was relieved, not angry.

Sadly, fate had other designs on the Belmont clan. Their father was killed in a vampire attack, and Evil and Alex were left to fend for themselves. Vowing revenge, Evie took up the vampire hunting mantle and charged off to Dracula's castle. Alex waited for her, but his sister never came back. Not really.

What came back was a vampire with the Belmont powers, the Belmont strength, and his sister's face. She attacked Alexander, took his arm as a trophy, and left him for dead. But he lived instead. He lived, but he never truly found a way to live, not as a Belmont again.

Hiding away in a cave, Alex built himself a new, metal arm. He became a tinker, and engineer of items and weapons, but not a hero in his own right. And there, in that cave, he would have lived until the Belmont name truly died with him, if not for a hero from a past era who came calling one day...

Personality Details:

Alexander doesn't much like heroes -- his sister was a hero and he saw how well that ended. As far as he was concerned heroes were nothing but trouble, and the life they lived would only get them killed. Sure he'd make items and gear, but that was to make money to live -- true weapons for heroes were worthless to him, something to be shunned.

Because the only evil left to fight was the big evil, the last evil -- Dracula. And no one was going to be able to kill that vampire, right?

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #1673: Shopkeep
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2


Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes


What would it be like to be the child of a celebrity? For many children of stars, the assumption is that life would be one sweet ride of presents, money, and love, that the world would open its doors for you and you could have anything you want. Presumably this isn't the case for most children of the famous and well off. While, certainly, they can have most anything they want, most famous children seem to end up miserable, wasting their lives (and their family's money) just because they can.

So then, how much worse would it be if your father was the most hated, evil dictator the world had ever seen (at least until Hitler came along)? Alucard, son of the Dark Prince, Dracula, has been fighting his father's dark and musty shadow for centuries, trying, even valiantly, to forge his own life away from the hellbeasts and mutant monstrosities that are a hallmark for Dracula's reign of terror.

Life wasn't all bad for Alucard. At the start, his father and mother, Lisa, were happy. But Lisa was in love with a vampire, and townspeople don't like vampires (how closed-minded of them), so they burned Lisa at the stake as a witch, and that set off Dracula onto a path of darkness (even more dark than his already pretty dark path that he was on because he was Dracula, the evil vampire lord of Romania... so, you know, really dark). Dracula went hardcore, human-hating evil, but Alucard (ever the son in his mother's eye) followed a better path, the path of righteousness.

And so, when a heroine, Sonia Belmont, came to Dracula's castle to defeat the Dark Prince, Alucard did not stand against her. Knowing that Dracula had to be stopped (because, you know, duh), Alucard helped Sonia. And by "helped" we mean that he trained her in the ways of fighting evil (and by "trained her" we mean he totally slept with her). Dracula was defeated, and the forces of good triumphed (and walked away sated, aw yeah).

Dracula, however, wasn't in the mood to hear from his preachy, whiny son about how "good should triumph" and "the humans aren't really so bad, if you ignore the pitchforks and the torches and the fact that they killed mother". When the Dark Prince came back from the dead (thirty years or less or you next resurrection is free), he has Alucard mentally enslaved in his castle -- Alucard was forced to fight the heroes that came to Castle Dracula. But, Dracula was more optimistic of Alucard's might than he should have been, for when Alucard fought another Belmont, Trevor, Alucard came to his senses and lent his hand in another rousing defeat of the Dark Prince.

And on it went down through the decades. Any time Dracula came back too successfully (sometimes it was for a few minutes, other times for a few days, and once he was able to come back for the entire run of a World's Fair), Alucard would come out of hiding to give Dracula a right proper drubbing (plenty of ass kicking, but no groin shots and no mussing up the face). Dracula still loved his son, but damn if the boy wasn't putting a crimp in his "global terror" plans.

Personality Details:

In encounters with Dracula's estranged son, most people come away noting how gruff and subdued the man is. Alucard is not much for caring and sharing, instead choosing to ignore all but the quest at hand. He knows what has to be done, and damn anything that gets in his way.

Well, unless it's a busty blond. In the case of a cute, leggy, fair-haired female, Alucard will totally play up his "I'm a lost, tortured soul" routine. The blond girls really seem to eat that shit up for some reason.

Most of the time, though, Alucard keeps to himself (sometimes in a graveyard, sleeping the less-than-eternal sleep). He always lurks, awaiting the day when the Earth (and some pretty blond) will need his assistance again.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Heroes Introduction #5: The Heroes
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2


Mrs. Claus (Don't Call Her "Princess")


Although the concept of "Mrs. Claus" hasn't existed for anywhere near as long as the original Ol' Saint Nick, she's taken a quick and permanent hold in the minds of believers (kids, immature adults, hipsters). And when it comes to belief, once an idea is set, it's not going anywhere.

Not that it doesn't make a certain amount of sense for Santa to have a companion. He spends all year up north with the elves (who look like little kids, so finding "companionship" with them is just creepy). When he's off on adventures or delivering presents, someone has to be at the North Pole, taking care of business. It's just logical for Santa to have a soul-mate, someone that lives with him and helps him and shares equally in the business of Christmastime.

The fact that Mrs. Claus looks a lot like a certain adopted royal (Princess Isabella) speaks more to who her husband is than anything else. More than likely if Santa were someone else, someone gay, "Mrs" Claus would be a dude. We're just saying that personifications are influenced by the people around them.

Personality Details:

Just because she's tied to Santa, Mrs. Claus is still her own person. Presumably if someone else were to become Santa, the current Mrs. Claus would move on, find a new life, and someone else would assume the "Mrs." title. She doesn't cease to exist, she just finds someone else to do with her time.

This Mrs. Claus is a fiery warrior, though, so it's hard to say if she even needs a Santa around to run the north. She might just have this whole "Santa" thing down better than her husband...

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #72: No Where to Be Seen
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2

Andrew Claypool

Staff Sergeant


Like many living in this wondrous, futuristic times, Claypool grew up looking to the stars. He knew, from the day when he first though of what he'd want to do when he grew up, that's he join the military and explore the cosmos. He worked hard, went to school, got he degrees, and immediately enlisted. He was gonna make it!

And he did. Kind of. Claypool, among his many traits, is very smart, and he had a tendency to think his way through situations before others did, realizing what would be successful and what wouldn't. And then he'd open his mouth and question orders that he didn't think were right. If you know anything about the military, this wasn't the best move Claypool could make.

That's why, despite his double-masters (electrical engineering and robotics) Claypool wasn't made an officer. Talent is appreciated but insubordination is not.

Still in many ways Claypool found his groove in military life, eventually working his way up to Staff Sergeant. It was the right amount of power for him -- just enough that he could question orders and find his own way to work through situations, but not so high up the ladder that people started noticing when he was off doing his own thing.

Of course, when certain missions came up that required a keen mind (while at the same time having potentially small survival rates), Claypool was often volunteered. His tendency to survive was likely part of the reason, but his smart mouth didn't hurt.

Personality Details

Claypool loves to tinker with gadgets. When left alone he'll look at what's available and try to find new ways to do things, new things to build and experiment with. Now that he's with our heroes on an intelligent, living ship, there's all kinds of new things for him to explore. He's likely to be able to get up to all kinds of trouble.

While some might be upset to be assigned "babysitting duty" for this crew (by the Terran Intergalactic Government), Claypool is actually pleased, over all, with the situation. He gets to explore new worlds, see new parts of space, and no one is getting in his face about questioning orders. Asking questions and defying orders (especially from the captain) is all part of being a part of the team.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #2440: First Impressions
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2



Angel is one of the Legion of the servants of God -- although to call him, specifically, God, when you factor in that belief will change over time and that the monotheistic belief is a fair recent development... well, Angel serves the person currently in charge.

Although to say he "serves" Him is a bit of a fallacy. Angel was once an employee of God, but, sometime during his tenure in the Legion, Angel managed to get himself an extended leave of absence -- the kind that doesn't really end, and while he's still on the payroll, he hasn't claimed a check in quite some time. Also, his benefits have been all but revoked.

And he can't really put it on his resume. At least, not when applying for jobs at respectable outfits.

Thankfully, he managed to fall in with a journeying band of heroes to whom "respect" is a fluid term, and is something that certainly doesn't help pay the bills in any physical sense of the term.

Now Angel spends much of his time helping people as a way of making up for past sins... of which he has several (ignoring the the fact that God is mad at him, and what he did for that to happen, Angel is a animal of instincts -- male instincts -- and he does so love to give in to them). Clearing his soul for (hopeful) re-entry into Heaven is his primary goal in life.

Personality Details:

As a one-time servant of God, Angel does feel the need to help those of the "less-fortunate" persuasion. That said, the person Angel most looks out for is himself. Most of his actions and motivations can be described as self-serving. Even helping those in need helps Angel, as it may get him back in with God and the Legion.

When not helping those in need, Angel devotes his life to his... baser needs. He does tend to love the ladies, and for whatever reason they love him back.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: CVRPG Introduction #10: RPG Systems
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2