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Vlad Tepes


Editor's Note: Dracula's exact age is not known, as the Castlevania series makes it rather ambiguous as to if the Dracula we know is actually the Dracula from history or if it's some imposter who has taken over that identity. We choose to think Dracula is Dracula and ignore everything else.

Centuries ago, Dracula was once the ruler of a small Eastern European country, Wallachia. He fought everyone else to take over his land, slaughtered troops, boyars, and nobles alike if they stood in his way (or at one point had ever stood in his way, no matter how long ago that might have been). A cunning military mind, Dracula was also a cruel, vengeful dictator.

Needless to say, becoming an evil vampire didn't change his disposition much. Didn't even really get rid of his lack-of-conscience, as he plainly didn't have much of one to begin with.

Regardless, Dracula the evil vampire continued to reign over his territory for a time, until he was defeated by Trevor Belmont, one of a clan of vampire hunters sworn to hunt vampires (duh). Every few years Dracula would come back, then a Belmont (or other vampire hunter) would come along and defeat the vampire again.

In and around all these shenanigans, Dracula fell in love and married a human woman, a local healer named Lisa. They had a child together, Alucard (who would grow up to be a vampire hunter -- daddy issues?)... and then the local villagers killed Lisa.

If Dracula hadn't been sworn to evil before, he was after that. He set out his goal to take over the world, subjugate the humans, and kill them off (although what this would have done for his food supply is anyone's guess).

So far he's been unsuccessful.

Personality Details:

Dracula is a bad, bad man. He's also gay now. The two details are not related. One may wonder how it is that a gay man fell in love with a woman, got married, had a kid, and yet is still totally gay (he is so fabulous). We choose not to judge his personal life.

As a soulless vampire (with a flair for style), Dracula has certain gifts he can use in battle. He is able to tap into Hellfire magic, a combination of Dark and Fire-based magics. He also has some limited control over Air magic, used specifically for lightning bolts and other lightning-based attacks.

Additionally, Dracula has a couple of forms he can shift into: mist, bat, and demon. The demon form occurs when he has been damaged enough and has to shift into this final form (like a Limit Break in the Final Fantasy series).

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Villains Introduction #1: How to Introduce a Spin-Off
Last Appearance: #7: CVRPG IV